Samuel T. Klemke, founder of GGI

Samuel T. Klemke is a world renowned classical guitarist and chamber musician, performing solo, with his sister as Guitar Duo Klemke, the avantgarde Ensemble Marges, and in many other formations. He has won many international competitions and is invited artists in festivals regularly, to perform concerts (>1000), teach masterclasses, give workshops or be in the Jury of competitions for performance and also composition.

From his intense concert tours he got the idea of a Global Guitar Institute, fostering and nourishing the classical guitar scenes all over the world and sharing his rich experience in music.

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Ogmundur Thor Johannesson, cofounder

Oegmundur Thor graduated with highest honors from Mozarteum University of Salzburg, Austria from the class of Marco Tamayo, obtained his second masters degree from the class of Carlo Marchione in Maastricht, Holland, as well as studies with Ricardo Gallen and Alex Garrobe in Barcelona Spain. Apart from international guitar competitions in Europe and Asia, he has been awarded with the highest artistic recognitions possible in his home country Iceland, which has made him among the leading artists of his country. Having as well performed in every notable music festivals and series in his country, he has been invited to guitar and music festivals and events in USA, Chile, Brazil, UK, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and Russia as well as an upcoming name in Asia region. Apart from performing, he is building his name in teaching in previous mentioned countries amongst others through the Global Guitar Institute, of which he is the co-founder with Samuel Klemke. He is the artistic director of the Midnight Guitar Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, as well as a co-founder of the Worldwide Guitar Connections with Fabricio Mattos.